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    Cheap templates for sale, YOU make the offer

    I have these 4 templates i would like to sale. I will entertain any offers. If you buy these you have full rights to them and may resell them. I will not resell these. These are unique designs. - didn't sell... $10 or best offer - $5 or make me an offer - SOLD - SOLD

    *EDIT* Forgot to say i will sale each template sliced and put in html and include the .psd

    The prices i listed are not the lowest i will take. Those are just something to go by to tell you about what i am looking for. I will also consider trading 1 or 2 templates for hosting. Six months to 1 year of hosting with decent options. (50mb, 5gig? nothing special..)

    I am selling these cheap because i want to get rid of them. I will also give you a template of your choise in return for a domain purchase for 1 year.

    I will entertain any other offers you would like to make.

    Let me know. You can pm me or email me through wht.

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    Anyone interested in the last template?

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    I agree, but it's only $5.

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    Do you have any more templates ?

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