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    Blakharaz Guest
    I'm looking for a good VPS-Provider in asia or latin america that allows torrent. My requirements:
    - 256+ MB RAM with linux or 384 MB RAM with Windows
    - at least 100-200 GB of traffic / month
    - cpu speed doesn't matter if it's not less than 500 MHz
    - allows torrent or other P2P network
    My budget would be $20-30/month
    Preferred countries are india, hongkong, japan and the whole latinamerican continent... russia would be nice, too.
    Does somebody know some good providers there?

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    take a look at "Other Hosting Offers" advertising forums, there are some torrentflux accounts, or "seedbox" accounts, such as
    at my experience not many or any? VPS hosts allow torrent on their vps nodes unless they offer specialized torrent hosting.

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    Blakharaz Guest
    Not any... I am customer at server4you for some time and i am seeding about 300 GB per month from my server - but only Openoffice packets. They never told me to stop it.
    But if i want to do some filesharing i am in danger to get trouble with lawyers and so on... so i search for a hoster in a country which doesnt worry about filesharing.

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    I'd try the "FIND A HOST" option as for your budget it may or may not get you a good deal or the right plan depending on where you look.
    Good luck

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