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    Website Development, Design, Integration - Very affordable


    I can offer very affordable development and design services for you or your business. Work is done very promptly and professionally. If you would like me to give you a custom quote please contact me [email protected]

    Examples of work:

    Graphical template design
    Bespoke, customised signup scripting
    Integration with 3rd party and merchant accounts
    Bespoke customer management software, helpdesk.

    Anything you are after I can see what sort of quote I can give you. I have some great contacts if I am unable to fulfil your job.

    Have a nice day,

    Terry Jacobs

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    no one is going to give you a job just because you say you're willing to work. its pretty standard to post a portfolio. only an idiot would hire someone without seeing any work.

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    Originally posted by dreamHOBO
    I love seeing someone with 34 posts calling somone with over 1000 quality posts stupid.
    Matt J
    Where Customer Services is #1
    Virtual Plans Reseller Plans Dedicated Servers
    Jatol Internet Service

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    Thanks for the posts -

    blackdog - for insulting me and dreamHOBO for sticking up for me

    My mistake, I forgot to post the URL of my portfolio. I'm sure if anyone was eager to work with me they would pm/mail me (as they did) and only an idiot would not take a look at the domain name associated with my email address

    Anyhow, Thanks for the advice and lets all play nice

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