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    Talking I need reseller hosting

    Hey everyone!
    I've been looking for some reseller package by weeks... Didn't find nothing I want.
    I found some cool host companies like enhancedhost, isuperweb - I really like their prices.
    But only problem is - I need resell hosting for international domain names. This companies have NS-servers on CLASS "D" - which is not supported by most international domain names.
    Could you help me find hosting which can support CLASS "C", please? And something close to prices as a isuperweb... might be a little higher =)
    Thank a lot.

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    If you'd prefer to receive offers directly from members here, we also have a Requests Forum in which you can post your requirements and evaluate the offers submitted. You can search for comments about the hosts who reply to you, etc. Just FYI. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    I have no clue if this will help or not, but why not email and see if they can help you. They really saved our business when they helped us move servers in less than 3 hours!!!

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