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    Need toronto dedicated hosting for company

    Hey everyone, I need help finding some hosting for a new
    company that is almost ready to launch. I need it for the central server and the site of a new file sharing program that has been in development for over a year now. The program will be approx 3 megs and will be available on misc mirrors aswell as this site. Once again I'm not sure how much bandwidth is necessary, as there could be anywhere from 5000-50000+ downloads easily in a month as several file sharing programs have demonstrated. Anyways, Im looking for a hosting program with the following:

    - Cheap (per gig proferably) pricing
    - Very high uptime
    - Statistics, control panels
    - Admins who dont take days to contact
    - Php, cgi, etc...

    Preferably no package and just price per gig. Reply, PM me or email me at [email protected] if you know of any places where I can get this.

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    I'm in Toronto as well, and a few months ago I investigated hosting locally. It seems like hosting here in Canada costs 4 to 10 times as much as running a dedicated or colocated server in the USA. Bandwidth/Traffic is so much more expensive here for some reason. The best deal I found from a reliable company with 99.9 % network uptime guarantees was $900 CDN ($600 USD) for a dedicated 3 Mbps pipe to my location - if you want to rent rackspace and colocate at another firm's data centre, prices are comparable - I just liked the idea of having the equipment at my place.

    But anyway, after checking all this stuff out, I decided I will just stick with hosting in the states. Much better pricing for both single and multi-homed connections. Many options out there, just read for a bit on these forums, and make an informed choice.
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    Q9 ( is based in Toronto. They have a fully blown out tier 1 data center downtown, as well as a tier 1 data center in Brampton. (Take over of an old Exodus facility).

    Over the last 2 years their network uptime is 100% with well under 0.05% packet loss over the same time span.

    Here's a quote from their SLA:
    2. Service Warranties.
    (a) Network Availability Warranty: The Q9 network will be
    100% available.

    Network Quality Warranty: The Q9 network will
    introduce less than 1% sustained packet loss.
    Q9 also has 12 direct transit providers as well as 17 peering providers. So no matter how you look at it, you will always have the most direct route into their facility.

    However for these conveniences you will pay through the nose. Bandwidth is ~$1,000 CDN meg & full cabinets are ~$1,500 CDN.

    My suggestion is if you don't want your software application to fail because of crappy mirror hosts, drop a box into Q9.

    Just a side note, I don't work for Q9. I have a box in their facility.

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    Originally posted by icmp
    if you want to rent rackspace and colocate at another firm's data centre, prices are comparable - I just liked the idea of having the equipment at my place.
    Does that mean the computer is in toronto but my actual host is in the U.S? Kind of confused.

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