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    Lightbulb Free php programming for businesses

    for my college computing course I need to find a good end user and complete a programming project based on an improvement or replacement of an old method,
    as my main programming language is PHP I am looking for a fairly large and reputable business who might have an idea for a project which they would like doing for them, the project also needs to be challenging, Im not looking for a 5 minute simple database task. As this is for college, Im not asking for any money in return, if anyone has an interesting project in mind then just drop me an email [email protected] thanks

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    By any chance do you have aim or aol? if not i can email you..if your still looking. But you still have to be going for the free work, I cannot afford to pay

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    unfortunately I already have a project to do,
    thanks for your interest though
    email: [email protected]

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    did you read my request??

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