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    Lightbulb Serious Designer available

    I would like to offer my services to anybody who wants their website professionaly designed. I am an experienced freelancer, and currently do not have any projects on my hands.

    My portfolio can be viewed at I am at this time unfortunately not allowed to showcase all of my past work, as some of the websites I have completed have not been officialy launched yet. I would be glad to send you a link through email or PM however. I also have a resume, if you require it.

    Please note that I am a serious designer and have a team of individuals who help me through my projects. Therefore I will not work for the extremely cheap rates you often see here. I do most of my work with people who want a website that suits their image and has studied their branding and competitors.

    Please feel free to ask for a quote or additional information through the contact form on my website, through email or through PM.
    Best regards,
    Marc Gasser

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    I have worked with Subway Designs on one project in a collaborative mode. Laz is very helpful and talented I highly recommend him.

    Abhi - Submit your site to 500+ SEO friendly directories - Point. Click. Edit. Works with existing site.

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    Thanks for the support talash I appreciate it.

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    Incredible flash designs you have thier laz. Damn wish I had those skills, heh.. Sorry just had to compliment you on that.

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    Don't have to apologize, I like to hear what people think of my website too... especially if they like it

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    You can also reach me on AOL at "SubwayDesigns". I can also provide MSN chat and ICQ; but I'd rather you ask me for these personnaly.

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