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    regarding enom API

    Hi ALL,

    I got reseller account from enom and I am jsut wondering is it easy to setup API or better go with registry rocket?

    I like to setup by by own API, is it hard?

    Any input appreciate, or anyone can help me to do?


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    Most people get confused at the 'integrate credit card processing' step (with the API). RegRocket is very easy (just create a link), and above that would be paying a small bit for the PDQ (which isn't much more than a better looking RegRocket link really - ok, maybe more than that, but close).

    Another member was selling an API linked to 2checkout (something like $40), however the real question with the API is how are you going to process payments and are you able to get it working? If not, then RegRocket gets you going in 5 seconds, PDQ in about double the time ($99 later), and the API is a bit more work. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    I think to build a nice looking website from API, something similar to namecheap or registerfly, would take about 1 month to implement (1-2 programmers). If you have the time you can start working on it .
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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    What do you think about having PDQ for six months or one year
    and implement a site like registerfly within in six months.

    Any suggestions would be good input for me.


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    I'm just ordered this:

    Have not had time to test it yet, but seems nice and easy.

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    Registry Rocket or PDQ is a great short term alternative. The only real issue with them is that eNom's cc processing fee is a tad high and they hold on to your money too long.

    If this is just an add-on to your site (i.e your a host etc), then it's prob. a fine long term solution. If domains will be your primary business, then you need a fully customized site with the API.

    Just my 2 cents,

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    Re: Hi

    The DRAMS system is really good. The current version is kind of like a customizable RR version with a few more options and features. I'm using it right now. The guy who is coding it is actually finishing up v2 tonight, which is like enom's PDQ system that's customizable, and has a few more features.

    I think he plans to sell the current v1 as DRAMS Lite, and the v2 as DRAMS for a little more money. From what he's said, the new version will cost less than a yearly membership to enom's pdq system.

    He said he'll be updating within a few days with the new v2, and a new ordering system, site design, etc.

    If you want to see my use of v1, it's here.

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