I just had a dedicated deal go bad because I could not log in securely with my Mac browsers. I thought the problem was a bad install. They claimed it was a bug in the latest version of stunnel which cPanel uses to log into port 2087. But they were unwilling to engage in elimination testing and gave up on me.

I need to know if they are right or not (because if tthey are, my current boxes will become inaccessible to me shortly), and would like to get names or IP numbers of a few machines runjning the latest and greatest Linux with the SSL security fix, Apache 1.3.26 or later and whm/cpanel 5.0 build 60 or later. I do not need an account or password. I will make two login attempts, one from home and one from work, and can tell by what happens when the dialog box is presented whether the bug is manifesting or not (ie whether the correct security certificate is arriving intact at my machine).

Any cooperation from someone here would be most helpful, as I would prefer to stay with cPanel. But if the techs at the last place are right, I need to migrate elsewhere, and I have to know.

You may email me at [email protected] with info.