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    Arrow Quality hosting template for sale!

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    - Original PSD file, complete with layer sets and slices.
    - HTML for main page and an inner page.
    - Seperate CSS stylesheet.
    - Fonts used.
    - Customization (logo, links, plans, etc, within reason)
    - 3 months of support, if needed.
    - Full ownership (will not be resold)

    Right now I'm looking for about $150 (via paypal) for this template. If that's an unreasonable expectation, let me know, and I'll consider lowering it.

    Please note: the images in the header area lost some quality in saving. The sliced and completed template will have high quality images. Also, the client login area can be replaced with a domain search if desired. The background of the page would be light grey, and the blue strips would go all the way across and down the page. The hand icon shows what happens when you mouseover a link on the sidebar.

    This is the first template I've designed to be "generic," as opposed to designing with a particular client in mind, so constructive criticism is very much welcome.


    Oh, and I also posted this at webtemplateauction.
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    Thats nice

    Well worth $150

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    Thanks, dynamite!

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    I'm now willing to let this one go for the low price of $100. PM me or email me at ajax(at) if interested.

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