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    hi , people ..

    i'm new to all this domain seller, and a friend suggested me to
    i like their price ($8.88), especially when i compare it with other who charge me $35 -up.

    what do people here think about ??
    are they any good ??

    thanks for replying ...

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    I like namecheap.

    I have 60 domains with them and prefer them over Godaddy and Registerfly which offer similar services at similar prices.

    The support is also great and the domain manager simple and clean.

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    i see ,

    ps : their checkout page (the one where you put your CC and other infos ) is crappy.. anyone notice this ???

    thank you

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    Did you see the Godaddy checkout?

    They try to sell you Hosting and CDs when you check out...

    I prefer the simple one, but you're right doesn't look that good.

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