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    TriServ: 3 systems in a 1U?
    Ever seen anything like that before?
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    Ive seen blade based solutions as well as dual dual p3 and dual dual Athlon MP solutions, but not quite like this, no.

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    I have seen these before as well as a quad version (2 in the front and 2 in the back).
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    well, the colo space gets cheaper but even the large guys are building blade servers... IBM will be releasing they blade servers shortly.........

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    yikes. those look nice.

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    If you bought one of these vs. a standard 1U server, would colo's charge you more to put it in the same 1U of rack space? It would be nice if it had a small switch built in so you could colo it in place of a standard 1U server with no additional charges

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    Well, I guess they have three ethernet ports.. all you need is 3 patch cords connected to switch

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