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Thread: POWWEB Question

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    POWWEB Question

    Since POWWEB has banned me from their forums for asking a question...No Lie, I will ask this here.

    Since their big move, has anyone else noticed that their site has slowed down considerably?

    Mine sure has.

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    I've heard some others complain about it as well...
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    Smile Life After PowWeb!

    I still don't know if PowWeb will refund the remainder of my yearly account. I only used 4 months with 6 to go. It doesn't matter, I won't do business with a company who treats their customers so badly. I'm now with, Their technical support is great. They answer your questions right away, it's almost like an online chat. I have a lot of music and video on my site, so I need a fast server. I tried one company for a couple of days, but my site was too sluggish on their server. is very fast, and they only have monthly plans, so if something happens and they have to leave the country, I won't lose a bunch of money.

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    I am looking at Frontdrive right now.

    I am tired of people saying that Powweb is the best for the price. There are many comparable hosts out there.

    I am leaning toward as it stands right now. Those Dell 2650 servers with the 2.4 Xian processors look like they might be fast.

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    Powweb will not refund your money if you agreed and paid for a contract with them.
    I paid for a 1 year contract with Powweb last November and about 3 months after I did that I got a reseller account with Splashhost.
    When I contacted them and asked if I could get anything back they flat out said no.
    So I just ate the loss and have that space sitting there at Powweb doing nothing! It expires in mid-Novenber.

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    I contacted the BBB (after some crap they pulled on me when I switched hosts) and got a full refund, including the months I had used. Never again will I use their service.

    PowWeb sucks big time!

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    Mr. Munk, I just checked out your site and that does load fast and I am on a slow modem.

    Looks like it will be frontdrive for me too.

    As for the music, it is kickin in my speakers right now. I think it is great and will be ordering the CD.

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    Do they offer a refund policy?

    Did you read the terms?

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    Yes, and yes.

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    * Powweb Just say NO!

    I had Powweb for a year into paying for 2 years. During that year I was constantly having the site bounce up and down and the mail never worked correctly.

    Each time I contacted customer support I received a mail back saying simply (no kidding), "Mail is working fine, problem is on your end."

    This from several different dialup accounts and such? I doubt it. SURE it's on my end. I finally was fed up with them and thier poor service so I cancelled.

    Then of course, they claim that thier website lists that, essentially, they garantee no level of service and they don't give refunds after 30 days. Well let me tell you something firends; Just because ANY host says something in thier site, if it's not legal and irresponsible, it's not going to hold water.

    In other words, if you pay for a service and they do not provide it, you can pursue a refund. This is regardless of what they decide to put up on thier website. You can always dispute the charge or part of a charge and probably win.

    I Emailed them asking them how they think treating a customer so badly over about 80.00 is worth it to them? How badly do they need the money to not do the right thing?

    Folks, we cannot let these people get away with this. It's ALWAYS worth fighting for what is right.


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