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Thread: Game Servers?

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    Game Servers?

    I wanted to know if anyone could reccomend sites where I could learn more about setting up game servers for games like CS, Q3, etc.

    Sites with links to servers, software, latencies, etc. are of particular interest, as are sites explaining the set up of a server.

    Thanks in Advance!


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    The easiest way I found to learn how to setup a gameserver was as follows:

    Find a friendly gameserver admin. Have him send you all his config info (minus rcon stuff of course) so you have a working example to go from.

    Download the binaries and install, and screw around til it works the way you want it.
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    Originally posted by apollo for Counter-Strike server needs
    definitely read the how-to here......i've run at least 8 differenct CS servers in the past, and usually come back to this site for the syntax....

    feel free to PM, as i alway feel there is never too much CS in the world = P

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    you can also try there are alot of game admins that hang out on their forums, that might be able to give you some pointers..

    Or configs

    Personally.. i'm a Quaker..

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    Nearly every game has it's own little community of experts. I find that it helps to befriend some of the clans who are active in the different games/leagues and let them assist. Many of the games are very similar in the setup and execution, but the real challenge is in the specific game settings. This is a matter of preference, so you may want to try and balance between league style and public draw. Another thing you can do check the settings of the top ranked servers on the CLQ and "borrow" some of those.

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