Do you think you’re a good Engineer or Server Tech? How would you configure it?

I'm setting up a suto Hosting Environment in my home for training purposes. The answers you provided will certainly help me, and hopefully contribute solutions to others with similar configuration questions. Thank you for participating and helping.

There are so many different entry points into the Hosting business, I wanted to first list the hardware and software resources at my disposal for assembly. The Dell listed below is my personal desktop, but that can be converted to a server as I have a MicronPC laptop that can replace it. As for the rest, I've acquired what I believe to be the needed hardware and software to accomplish this project. If additional items are needed, I will obtain them. Also, since my experience in Operating Systems have been limited to Microsoft, I’ve chosen not to use Open Source for this exercise. This may run contrary to many in this Forum, but it’s a decision based entirely on reducing the amount of time needed in the learning curve (a cost benefit), and not for any other techno-political reasons. As you will see, my software from Microsoft was free as well.

Sprint ADSL Service with 1 static IP address. 1500 down / 512 up (residential of course).

Linksys model# BEFW11S4 Ver.2 – Residential Gateway (4 port router/switch with 2.4Ghz 802.11b).

Linksys model EFAH24 – 24 Port - 10/100 Auto-Sensing

1- Dell Dimension 8100 with Intel P4 1.5 CPU – 512mb RDRAM –100BaseT
1- ALR-6400 with Dual Intel P3 933 CPU’s – 1024Mb DDR266 – On Board SCSI Controller– 100BaseT
1- Clone with AMD Athlon XP 1600 CPU – MSI K7T Motherboard - 384Mb SDRAM – 100BaseT

Hard Drives:
1- IBM - DPSS-309170 – Ultra160 SCSI - 9.1Gb - 7200rpm (68 pin)
1- Maxtor – 90680D4 – IDE – 6.8 Gb – 5400rpm
1- Maxtor – 5T060H6 – IDE – 60 Gb – 7200rpm
1- Western Digital – WD200BB – IDE - 20Gb – 7200rpm
2- Western Digital – WD800JB – IDE – 80Gb – 7200rpm

1- Adaptec - 1200A – IDE RAID 0 / 1

2U Case:
1- CI Design – RS2100 – 300W PS – 4 drive Ultra160 hot swap Back Plane

1- Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP3 (Retail)
1- Microsoft Windows 2000 Standard Server (120 day Trial)
1- Microsoft Windows 2000 Enterprise Server (120 day Trial)
1- Microsoft Windows .NET Standard Server RC-1 (365 day Trial)
1- Microsoft Windows .NET Enterprise Server RC-1 (365 day Trial)
1- Microsoft ISA Server 2000 (120 day Trial)
1- Microsoft SQL Sever 2000 (120 day Trial)
1- Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 (120 day Trial)
1- Content Management Server 2001 (120 day Trial)
1- Microsoft Application Center Server 2000 (120 day Trial)

1-Ensigm 3.0 Windows (30 day Trial)

Thanks for your input. Please email me directly if you have any questions. I more than likely missed something.


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