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    When a domain expires, for instance a domain is set to expire

    Sept 22, 2002

    at 12:01am September 22 i can register it or @ 12:01 Sept 23 i can register it?

    i am looking to snag a really nice name before anyone else does because im positive it will go fast, and it wouldnt be stealing if the person did not renew right, plus the site hasnt been updated since this time last year.

    Anyone Know? thanks alot

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    if the registrar drops it on the 23rd you can register it

    most registrars have a waiting period (something like 30 days) before they drop domains...

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    Depnds on how nice - some big sites have advanced scripts to capture 1000s of "droped" domains, then offer them for sale. might be your best bet.

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    Expiry and grace period

    Unless the existing registrant explicitly cancels the name, most registrars would hold on to the domain for at least 30 days hoping for a delayed renewal. Some even go for 40 days but never beyond the 45-day grace period. The truth is: when a domain name expires, the registrar has to pay the registry (i.e. Verisign registry for CNO) another $6, but they could delete that and ask for a refund within the 45-day grace period.

    So it really depends on which registrar you are talking about. OpenSRS, for example, drops names almost always exactly on the 41st day while around the 35-36th day. But for Verisign (NetSol), it could be YEARS! (Yes, YEARS, not just months.)

    Moreover, the exact drop time also depends on the registrars, don't just assume it's midnight. Remember the Internet is a worldwide thingy? Which midnight are you talking about?
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