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    Feedback wanted please.

    I would like your feedback on we just changed the layout and are adding more desiging departments with our next department (3D coming out this October). We are still looking for a template script that would charge and send the customers custom templates automatically so we know about that. Besides that can you give me your input on pricing and features? I would really like to know what you guys think since your input has always shaped the way we operate. Our customer support is better than average with reply times usually within 24 hours (if it's busy then a 48 hour wait). We are currently looking to gaining our own facilities and opening up a dedicated hositng company (globalpronetwork) up and running. I would just appreciate your input as usual. Thanks for your reply guys and gals . Also please note we are resellers at the moment but we are looking toward moving to a dramatic change since we have done fairly well with hosting through reselling. We will be getting a few dedicated servers and hosting cheaper prices as well very shortly. Well that's enough of my blabering. I would really appreciate your input. We have made over 7 different designs for Frozenbell Hosting/Design and we feel this one would be good enouh for us but we just made 2 more layouts and well...lets just say that they too would look just as good.

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    Go buy a design template once you can.. Only comment I have.. No offense to your design or others design abilities..

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    I have emailed you...please check asap!

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