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    Post Great Hosting oppurtunity!

    Looking for a lot of space and transfer for not a lot of money?
    How about 200gig of transfer & 20gig of space for the low cost of $70/month! No set up fees at all! No hidden costs. Host as many domain names as you want to.
    How bout 30gig of space and 200gig of transfer/month? For the low cost of $100/month?

    Any of these interest you?
    If yes then email me today at [email protected].

    You want something totally different? Ok with us!
    How bout this?
    The Axxis Affiliate Program
    We will give you our largest package we have available the Axxis1000 plan. For FREE.
    The catch? You need to acquire 2 people per month for hosting for the length of your hosting term with us.
    You want rewards?
    Sounds good to us!
    ~We will throw in a domain name for you if you sign up right now with us.
    Something better?
    ~if you get more than 2 people for every person above 2 we will add 250mb to your account. The only limit is the amount of disc space on the server!
    Something Else?
    ~Looking to make some money? Ah yes isn't everyone! Well right now we are offering to give you our largest hosting plan FREE & a domain name FREE and for every person you get to be hosted with us we will take 5% from each hosting package and send you a check at the end of every month for whatever the amount you earned was!

    You need to act fast though! At this rate these deals will not last long. WHT Exclusive you will not find this anywhere else.

    Email me today!
    [email protected] and we will work together and accomplish what you want to accomplish!
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    Great hosting at awesome prices! Join today!

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    This just in! If you speak with me today we will drop the set up fee to $50USD! Act now!
    Great hosting at awesome prices! Join today!

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    Yes folks this is for real! And you can also split the hosting with people. So get some friends and join on in!
    Great hosting at awesome prices! Join today!

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    I don't think your allowed to bump your post like that!! Please just edit your original post.
    <<This is why threads aren't sorted by last post anymore, because people would bump them.>>
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    sorry m8
    Great hosting at awesome prices! Join today!

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