Platinum Plus hosting...

=Account Features=
Bandwidth Allowed Per Month: 20000 MB
Disk Storage: 2000 MB
1 Year Domain Registration Included: Yes
Static IP Address: Yes
Domains Per Server: 200
30 Day Money Back
Guarantee: Yes

=E-Mail Features=
POP3/IMAP E-Mail Accounts: Unlimited
E-Mail Aliases: Unlimited
E-Mail Autoresponders: Unlimited
GnuPG 1.0.6: Yes
Mail Lists: Unlimited
Personal SMTP Mail Server: Yes

=Support Features=
24/7 Toll Free Tech Support: Yes
24/7 Online Tech Support: Yes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Yes
Online Billing: Yes

=E-Commerce Features=
Let's Take An Order Shopping Suite: Yes
Shared Secure Server (SSL): Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI): Yes
Password Protected Directories: Yes
SSH - Secure Shell: Yes

=Additional Features=
FrontPage 2002 Extensions: Yes
Web Based Control Panel: Yes
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts: 33
Java/Volano Deluxe Chat Room: Yes
Real Audio/Video 8.0/G2 Support: Yes
Majordomo Lists: Unlimited

=Advanced Features=
Redundant DNS Servers: Yes
CGI-BIN (full access): Yes
PHP 4 with GD 1.8.4 Support: Yes
Custom MIME Types: Yes
Unix Shells: bash, csh, tsh Yes
Perl 5.6.0: Yes
C, C++: Yes
Java JDK 1.4: Yes
Python 1.5.2, Python 2.1.1: Yes
TCL 8.3 Compilers: Yes
Emacs 20.7.1: Yes
Pine, vi, elm, Joe, Pico, Cron TAb, .htaccess: Yes
Custom Error Documents: Yes
mSQL 2.0.3 / mySQL 3.23.49: Yes
Vream, Voxware Support: Yes
Vivo Active, Midi, IPIX Support: Yes
Sizzler, Fractal FutureSplash Support: Yes
Infinop's Wavelet Image Compression: Yes
VocalTec Internet Phone Support: Yes
TrueSpeech Digital Audio Support: Yes
VRML, Macromedia Shockwave Support: Yes
Wireless Application Protocol Ready (WAP): Yes
MIVA Empresa Engine: Yes

=Site Management=
FTP Access: Yes
FTP Accounts: 2
Anonymous FTP: Yes
Telnet Access: Yes
Telnet Accounts: 2

=Site Monitoring=
Periodic Site Backups: Yes
Downloadable Raw Access Logs: Yes
Wusage 8.0 Graphical Statistics: Yes
Graphical Referrer Logs: Yes

=HardWare & Network=
Server Hardware: Dual 1 GHZ PIII Server
Operating System: Custom Linux 7.2 (Unix)
Server Software: Apache 1.3.26 Network Connectivity: 5 DS3, 2OC3 2OC12
Uninterruptible Power with UPS: Yes

$16.99/mo. + $15/setup fee...
We will waive the setup fee, if you prepay for 3 months or more...
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