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    * Affordable Game Server Hosting offers quality, low ping game server hosting at incredibly affordable prices. Features include:

    * Supported Game (Choose from Half-Life, Jedi Knight II, Medal of Honor, Quake III Arena, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Soldier of Fortune II, Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003)
    * Mod installation
    * Admin software (i.e. Metamod)
    * Anti-cheat plugin
    * Stats generation
    * FTP/SSH access for installing custom maps, mods and addons
    * Website and forum hosting

    We offer very affordable prices, far below those of leading competitors. Full details can be found at

    We have a Houston, Texas test Counter-Strike server setup @ is the official sponsor of several high-ranking CS CAL clans, as well as the upcoming Pure Lan III, a 200+ player LAN tournament in Canada.

    You can reach our live sales support at #eFrags. We look forward to your business.
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    Nice deals.

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