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    Complete hosting company for sale


    The following company does not have any clients so I do not mind posting the name as I feel the domain is really the big part of this sale.

    I am selling the following complete website hosting company

    Domain: exp 2/2004

    additional stuff:
    phpmanager full license
    A one page site templete design (never actually used)

    I am asking $100 for the sale of the above items which I feel is worth it. With this sale you could have a complete hosting company up and running within 24 hours.

    you may e-mail [email protected] with any questions or to buy this. This website also has a GREAT placement within search engines go to and type in your webspot or one word yourwebspot

    see we are within the top 5 placement on Yahoo,MSN,Lycos and a few others although we have never really advertised this company never really got off the ground. So yes this name does not even have any good or bad reputaion with it!

    I am not a webdesigner so I will post a screen shot of the sites design templete as soon as I can get someone to water mark it for me.

    Thanks all

    If you are not interested in purchase then do not bother contacting me or commenting I am also not looking to sell any of the above seperatly
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    Send it to me and I'll watermark it for you (Template screenshot)
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    is that a typo?
    is it or
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    Sorry its post fixed

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    The offer would look more complete if you actually showed the template.

    Offer still stands, Ill help you watermark.
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    OK here is the screen shot

    ok I just created a screenshot which I did not want to do cuz now it will look all fuzzy and everything I will also try to post the two logos that can be used with this company (we had to logos made and never decided on which one we like.

    here is the screen shot of the sites templete nav buttons have hover over effect of turning a little blue when mouse over

    the site is minus the domain lookup box I was using the enom API and minus a client login script I had for design clients to login and look at their stuff. As well as a Clickchatsold live chat thing. so its not really a complete design the person buying it will have to customize it a bit to what they will be selling and what stuff they want on their main page (ie live chat script,domain look up ect ect) which is what would take up some of that white space right below the nav bar
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    have you sold this domain yet?

    Please let me know.
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    8pm (est) this offer is still open

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    Selling seperately

    OK I am changing this special:

    I am willing to sell the domain name which expires in 2004 for the price of $35
    the first one to contact me and make payment arrangements will get this domain. I will accept Credit cards or paypal.

    I am also selling phpmanager (full license) for the price of $35
    look at to review this script. I am even willing to install this for you on your server. Once again I will accept paypal, or a credit card payment

    contact me at [email protected]

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