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    good enom reseller program

    need a good enom reseller plan
    We are a small hosting company and are planning on using the new 2.3 H-sphere software. It supports enom sales. I need a reseller plan from someone that is reliable and has been around. I have no problem with a setup fee but the prices must be competive and the service good. The sites I've seen so far in the forum look very cheap but I question the service and reliability. We talk on the phone, if you don't have a contact phone number on your website, please don't contact us.
    Thanks for your help.

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    I tend to believe that we offer good services / support and affordable prices. We have a real business plan and our partnership does not end after you paid our setup fee, we try to help our clients wherever we can. You can check our website at:
    We have about 150 reseller clients and our reseller base grow with another 3-5 every day.

    Any question is welcome.
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  3. #3 offers enom reseller accounts for as little as $8.25. Not the cheapest around but we have been in the Internet business since 95 and we WILL be around.

    Go to our site which is in my signature and click ont he link that says "Domains $8.25". Setup fee varies based on price you want per domain. Have a look, hope this helps.
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    We have over 500 clients that are actively reselling under us now, which means we must be doing something right! We provide high quality and fast support, and want to help YOUR reselling business succeed. Feel free to PM me or email with any questions you have.

    Remember, price is not everything and you get what you pay for. Do you want to risk your business with someone else?

    Want to sell domain names? Sign up today for an reseller account from a trusted eNom ETP provider.
    * We provide support and service to over 3245 happy eNom domain name and SSL certificate resellers!

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