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    * My WebHosting Page , Please tell me your opinion

    What do you think about Design ?????????'
    its almost done...

    Please be cruel ...

    some thing to Cut ?
    some thing to Fix ? Add ?????

    Shoot !


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    Nice design.

    Something you might want to remove since it's a business web site is the text which scrolls in the status bar of the browser.

    The soporte online image is kind of blurry too.

    Other than that, it looks great
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    Clean up your imagery, it has a lot of artifacts in them.

    Also the plan gel buttons, they need to ALL be top justified.

    Add a page border and then section off the different areas of the site will something. Small dots, 1px light gray line. Something. Right now the content seems to have no start and stopping point, it just all runs together.

    An end user grabs information in small bits if you take the time to group information it will be easier for the user to understand and it will get your point accross that much easier.

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    Everything seems to hang out there. You need something that will enclose it or section it off more. All the white around it and the text in the middle is awkward. Also you definitely need to clean up the images. It's obvious the Plan buttons were taken from somewhere or previously on your old site? You can see the blue edge around the curve used in the transparent background.

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    Design is very nice..

    If you outlined the content and made it look like it was a seperate area aside from the white blank space, it would look alot better.

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