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    Reseller Plan Usage

    If I purchase a reseller plan from any host that uses WHM/CPanel, i.e. say with 2Gb of space and 20Gb of bandwidth, can I actually use the FULL 20Gb per month or is it only a percentage of the 20Gb that can be used for any given month? I hope this is clear.

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    With most providers, you can actually give out your clients more than you have allocated, as long as they don't use it all. And yes, that is per month
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    You can use it all yourself if you want. No rule that says when you buy a reseller plan you have to actually resell

    If you do resell, you can still over sell your 20GB to your customers, and the total 20Gb is taken as a culmination of all your accounts.

    Basically you get 20Gb, how you split it is up to you - if you even want to split it at all.

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