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    Anybody Know About This Reseller?

    Give a look over.

    I got this response when looking for resellers and their website looks promising. The problem is that I can't get them to answer my e-mail. Would appreciate any insight as to their worthiness as a reseller. I hate to strike them from my list of choices as there may be a problem with the email. On the other hand however, I can't do business with someone I can't contact.

    Thanks in advance.

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    if their mail server is broken, it might suggest they dont monitor their daemons regularly.
    and if the mail server is working, and they're not answering their emails, its just un-acceptable.
    either way you're not getting a response, which isn't good
    I would keep on looking.
    good luck
    - Ross
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    i would give them another try , how long has it been since you sent a email --they may have a large volume of emails coming in everyday -its like holding the phone waiting for a tech person to pick up -- i hate when people try to bash a host for little things --give them another shot then look for other options ....

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    Thanks, but I need NT.

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    I am in my 4th month with matrixreseller and must say I am satisfied. It is unlike them to not reply to an email. I know they've had a lot going on lately. They are adding servers and the upgrade of HSphere is due out soon.

    I would definately give them another try. They are the best reseller host I've been with yet (out of 5), and I don't think I'll be leaving soon.

    WebFire Solutions

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