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    Thumbs up Wow Nick has been a busy man over at Dark Orb.

    Everyday it seems something new spits out at me on WHM news.
    He is addressing allot of the things we have asked for in past.

    I just noticed today the Ipless Address Delegation Manager, now that is something to sing about. now if he will just add a way to make Reseller packages in one easy step this thing will be near perfect feature wise.

    Thumbs up to Dark Orb and Nick, at least we know he has been listening to us.

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    I must say the the past couple of months have been great. Everything that we have asked for has been put in feature request wise, bugs that we found as addressed quickly, usually same day.

    Great work and keep it up

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    Agreed. I received an email the other day stating a WHM bug I reported had been fixed. Very pleased about that.

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    I've also noticed this... with all the features that he's added and also if he can add all the other bugs and features listed in the request section at CPanel, it'll certainly be THE best control panel available. The features in the recent releases have been a great help to resellers and also virtual hosting clients, such as the ability to enable/disable a user's SSH access with a click of a button. Instead of creating two different packages.

    Well done Nick!

    Alan Ho
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    Yes, well done with the updates. They have been far more smooth and stable over the last few weeks. I just tested the IP Delegation, very nice tool and works great
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    hm ... we opened a ticket with our provider and a serious WHM bug was reported to Darkorb by our provider over 2 months ago, no response whatsoever.

    The bug involves similar domains .. for example

    if I have and, and then delete using WHM, it also wipes the entries for from the httpd.conf

    I think this is a serious issue for anyone who has a lot of customers with CC Tld's

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    Hmm.. I have no clue, but shouldn't you report bugs to CPanel directly (they have a script to do this on their website)?

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    THEY have indeed been busy... The new CPANEL theme absolutely blows every control panel interface outta the water! Well done with the new cpanel theme Nick.. rock on!

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