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    SysAdmin Needed Working on Per Incident Basis


    We're a new hosting company looking for a pool of knowledgeable sysadmins that are available from either 8AM - 8PM EST (GMT -5) or 8PM - 8AM EST (GMT -5).

    Scope of work include:
    Curb Possible SPAM Activities
    Fix Server if it crashes Unexpectedly
    Find cause of sudden high server load
    Server Intrusion Detection
    Call me and notify me by phone (I will give you my account)
    Call our datacenter in Atlanta if necessary.

    We'll use a monitoring service and our own scripts to detect these. If any of the listed above happens, you will be sent an e-mail and what you need to do is send an e-mail and acknowledge that you'll look into this so that other sysadmins will not fix it.

    Please send me your resume and hourly rate for this. We will be needing few sysadmins like this in our contact list. If interested please mail me at [email protected]

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    Just a note, we're not looking for full-time employees. We need per incident basis sysadmin. I'll include your e-mail or pager in our system monitoring software, so that when our website is down, you'll get the notification and that is where you come in and start charging us hourly...


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    Well I've received some e-mails so far, anymore?


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