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    Linux Web Hosting + FREE Domain + FREE Setup = $3.92/month ONLY!

    With every web hosting package, you can get:

    a. One FREE Domain name (.com, .net, .org)


    b. Extend your existing domain expiry for One Year for FREE


    c. Register or for a Reduced Price of $15 for 2 years.
    '.CC' domain names are also available for an additional $19/year.

    Standard(35MB): $3.92/month
    Silver (60MB): $5.59/month
    Gold (120MB): $ 8.92/month

    For more information, please visit:

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    Feb 2003
    Notice the link no longer works?
    These guys are down because they are spammers.

    Do not fall for these spam company.
    Your site will be down too should you go with them.

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    Which link is not working? I have tried on the link given below and it is working.

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