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    Advice (Payment related)

    Hi Guy's - I'm in the process of starting a webhosting business and I have done almost everything I feel I need to, there are however a few issues I need to address ASAP.

    1 - I have signed up with as my payment method and I need to integrate this into my order page on my website - do any of you have any hints or tips on the best way to do this.

    I would prefer to simply have the user enter the details into an online form and those to be submitted to me via email etc for checking and then processing into 2checkout but i'm not sure they offer a Virtual Terminal so this may be out of the question. (Fraud minimisation)

    I assume therefore I will have to develop a script which takes the user details / account information etc etc which then passes some of this information on into 2checkout and they continue with the processing of the payment etc.

    2 - The second issue is that I will have approximately 5 "base" plans which I will offer to market however I will also wish to offer customised plans based on specific user requirements - what's the best way of allowing for customised plans?

    Thanks in advance.

    Matt Pearce

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    more advice

    Hi matt,

    again, ModernBill has 2checkout module support. Just in case you haven't looked into it yet.
    web management solutions

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    Matt take a look at PHPManager, , we use it and I can recommend it. It supports 2checkout.

    The price is nice too

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