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    "smooth" way to make a sub domain in plesk ?

    Is there any way to make a "smooth" sub domain in Plesk ?
    if I want to make a sub domain, I have to open new domain and play with the preferences (the clients, not the admin).
    i have only 200 domain limit, so 1 sub domain is like a domain.
    is there any "good" and "easy" way for doing it ?


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    The way you basically mentioned is the way it has to be done. Well actually there is another way but you will have to make manual entries into your apache config file and the clients would not have access to a control panel. If that is not an issue for you I would do a search over at the Plesk forum and you should be able to find it rather quickly.
    Brian P.
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    my sys-admin told me something about that...but there isnt a CP access :\
    anyway, if I will open a sub domain trough the apache conf file (or whatever needed to do this), will plesk "count" it like a domain in the domain list (I have 200 limit) or "igore" it ?

    Thanks again

    Edit : found this :
    now waiting for someone to write an addon script doing this for Plesk 2.5
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