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    Arrow Redesign

    I have just redesigned a union site. It's an informational site. Very basic, but useful to their members. I need your thoughts on it.

    Kankakee Area Local 5007


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    Good, clean design.

    However, IMO, 'pink' isn't what I call the professional standard and makes the website look a bit dull. You could also perhaps leave the eagle/flag at its original color state. That will look and brighten things up.


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    I liked the header and the complete design. It looks good. The font color should be darkend. It becomes difficult to read.

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    It looks pretty good, but it is a little light. Make your text a little darker so it is more readable. I noticed it's mostly text, except for the front page and the officers page. BTW, are those the actual officers or is that a stock photo? (looks like stock) ... doesn't seem to fit. I'd go with an actual photo. Overall very clean and easy to navigate.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone! I had a feeling comments were going to be made about the text color. I will be making the necessary changes.

    AboveCenter, yes it's stock. I'm still working on getting those guys (and gals) to submit a photo to me. So far as you can tell, I'm unsucessful.

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