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    Managed Host - next step?

    Hi I am been reading everything I can here about server and hosting accounts, but I have a couple questions I couldn't figure out. I currently offer hosting to clients I deal with on a regular basis with my web dev. company and the list is growing. I currently have sites spread around at 3 different companies do to cost and have recently started opening accounts with crystaltech.

    I have just checked out the new plans at Interalnd (who I use to hate and left) but I can get a managed dedicated server at a good price, I believe.

    Is this good next step?

    And it doesn't come with a firewall, do I need one? I am not even sure my shared plans have one.

    I just want to consolidate all this with out getting in over my head.


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    This would depend on the current price you are paying. You may have another alternative which is to go with a Reseller account with one provider and just use that for your individual clients.

    Managed servers are a hands-off type of plan where you basically worry about filling the server instead of maintaining it. Most plans should come with some sort of firewall and yes I would recommend using either a hardware based and/or a software based. If your current costs are close to or equal to the cost of a managed server than maybe that may be your best bet, if not I would seriously look into a Reseller account.
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    Thanks DigitalXWeb

    When you say a reseller account do you mean having a bunch of sites on one ip address?

    At CrystalTech I signed up and I get a discount on each new site. That's what your talking about right?

    The only thing I noticed with them is when I go to Whois I see that the name servers say crystal tech. Do any offer anonymous name servers for just resellers.

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    anonymous nameservers

    kev23 - I know CrystalTech offers custom nameservers for $20/month. You can use it for an unlimited number of domains (at least, that's how I understand it).

    For a reseller, it's a good idea if you want to keep your relationship with a host at least somewhat transparent.

    Good luck.

    Actually, now that I think about it, if it's a dedicated solution, I think the custom nameservers comes as part of their setup. You may want to email them and ask...
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    If you are serious about it, managed dedicated servers are the next step up from multiple shared.

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    Originally posted by kev23
    At CrystalTech I signed up and I get a discount on each new site. That's what your talking about right?
    That is one way to have a reseller account. There is another way to do it called "unlimited domains - one account". You'll find there are several good reseller companies around here that offer this kind of plan. Basically, you pay one price, and you get a big chunk of disk space and bandwidth. You then have access to "Reseller software" that allows you to create your own accounts whenever you need them. You can create 2 accounts, or 200 accounts.. whatever will fit into the bandwidth/diskspace you are allowed.

    Have a look at to see what I mean.

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