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    I am looking for a US provider that can terminate/trunk sip calls to PSTN.
    Here is a rough flow chart to hopefully make what I am after make sense.
    Customer dials a DID which we have purchased through a 3rd party provider.
    The provider terminates the PSTN call to a SIP server in LA.
    Our SIP server does some a look ups and places an out going call via PSTN to anywhere in the world.
    We need a carrier to trunk our SIP to the PSTN.
    If anyone knows of something/someone that can provide this please let me know.

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    Does the provider you have DID origination from not provide termination service as well?
    Usually this type of service is hand in hand. Would it be easier to keep everything with one company?
    I use for origination+termination. Service has been good.

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    The DID provider we use does PSTN to SIP termination but not the other way around.
    I am not sure of the business logic for this but that part works well and has API implementation into ours software so I won't be changing.

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    Do you have a rough volume?
    Try to contact steve @ idv .net
    He have done alot of special sip as well as pstn trunking for us.

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    Thanks for info.
    I have emailed IDV as it looks like exactly what we want.

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