Dear Fellows,

My name is Justin Green, I represent a mid-size hosting company in Israel.
We're in the hosting biz for nearly 5 years now and most of us are Unix
techies (except me, I administer win2k's too). We are very experienced admins
and since we host many Israeli sites, security is our #1 concern. For example,
we configure our servers as default with GRsecurity, Tripwire, Nessus, CGI-Wrap
and put some 20 hours of extra hardening before we even install apache

In my opinion, we have a great success in Israel. We do 10-25 new signups a month,
our prices are mid-high (15$ basic linux account, 25$ basic win2k) and altough we didn't
trust any cp software till now, resellers love to work with us. We do things in the old fashion
way, but everything runs smoothly and we are 100% hands on, up to the kernel level.
The only clients that ever left us closed their sites. Nobody ever left us because he wasn't
satisfied with the service. I must say that Israeli ppl simply don't like to write emails. They call. All
the time, even at night. Thanks god they still respect Yom Kipur
So it's hard to keep them satisfied. Regular clients use email or ticket-based support systems, and
even though they call for every other thing, we still manage to give them the best service.

The problem is that Israel is a small place, and in order to succeed, we need to put a lot of $ in
advertisment and the results are too low. The market is too small and the competition, specially from
resell-kids doesn't make the business profitable. We feel we're running on neutral. Our servers can
take 10 times more traffic and clients with the same sysadmin level support and resources...

We've decided to start selling hosting service Internationally. We believe we can give kick ass service,
and maintain midrange prices. What we're looking here is a solid partnernship with a US based
company that will provide the frontend to our activities.

So, here is the deal:
We'll put together a new cluster of servers in one of the top datacenters in the US. We'll be able to
provide hosting to about 2,000 clients at the beginning, and then easily add servers as needed. We
will go with the Hsphere system, we like the architecture and the pricing structure. We will also provide
24/7 tech support through email/ticketing, in English of course.

Here's what we need from you:
To be a honest person above all and respect the Internet and business ethics. Understand the webhosting
market and think BIG. We want to do International business. It means that you can find
a Polish reseller that will bring in 50 accounts/year or you can advertise with 150$/month in a
French webmasters portal and kick in 20 accounts/month from it.
You will also need to provide the sales represantation, 24/7 on the phone, email, ICQ, AIM and such.
Charging and billing will be done by an external company, we want everything on CC's and to deal
only with one company regarding payments.
And finally, you'll need to provide the oil to get the wheels going. The more the better. We'd like to get to about
1000 clients in the first year. It's a lot, but with enough budget and a brilliant mind to decide where to put it,
it's possible. We'd like to have around 50k-100k$ advertisment budget for the first year.
We always calculate ad prices on a yearly base. So if we take 200$ income per account per year in average,
a 2000$ ad deal that brings in 20 new clients at least, is a good deal.

In conclussion, if we combine our knowledge, experience and dedication in the techie part with something similar
in advertising/marketing, sky is the limit.

Please respond privately if you're interested or want more details.

Justin Green
[email protected]