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    Backend coder, tech support (ticket), or administrator

    Looking for work as a remote backend coder, managing PHP/CGi scripts, as tech support/ticket support for a hosting company, or as a system administrator. All offers considered. Part-time, full-time and contractual are all fine. Late night hours not a problem, preferrably $1000 + per month or a per ticket salary. I have taken numerous college courses on speaking in business and work well with others. You can email me at [email protected], AIM: andrw, ICQ: 407713 or just reply. Thanks alot.

    Resume can be found here:
    I have had alot of experience, but very few references as I never thought to get them at the time. (Just realized you have to be a member to see it, so here is an excerpt:

    SKILLS Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
    PHP Intermediate Currently used 2 years
    Visual Basic Expert Currently used 6 years
    HTML Expert Currently used 7 years
    Java Beginner Currently used 2 years
    Javascript Intermediate Currently used 4 years
    Perl Intermediate 1 year ago 3 years
    Python Beginner Currently used 1 years
    Bash Scripting Intermediate Currently used 2 years
    Cobol Intermediate +4 years ago 2 years
    DHTML Beginner Currently used 2 years
    PowerPoint Expert Currently used 3 years
    Excel Expert Currently used 5 years
    Word processing Expert Currently used 4 years

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION I have been a member of MENSA for many years now, have won numerous awards for computing and programming. I have also worked with numerous charity companies in order to establish a web presence for them, I am currently working probono for a charity banner exchange company, which I have not yet received permission to mention as a reference. I wish to start webdeveloping as a profession and need that first step.

    Description of my perfect job:
    My ideal job would be working for a hosting company as tech support on Level 1 (no root required). I have no problem working with others, or strange hours so a server administrator would also be a fine job for me.I have worked for other companies in this respect on an intern level (using Ensim) and enjoyed it. My ideal job would also have to be work-from-home.
    Career Level: Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
    Date of Availability: Immediately
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