When I first enquire about fastservers, I was told they can split the setup fees into 2 months. After signing up, the sales guy emailed me to say, sorry new policy and this cannot be done. I felt a little taken for a ride but it's not my top priority then as I needed a box fast.

And now, I've been with Fastservers for 2 months and they can't seem to get their billing right. When I signed up the box on 9th August, I told the sales guy (Abdul) that I want to be billed on 16th as that's the beginning of the billing cycle, he said he'll handle it for me. But after the server was setup, I check the online account page and found my billing date to be 15th instead of 16th so I raised it with fastservers and they promptly changed it to 17th (1 day off but I'm not complaining). It was only after I received my credit card bill today that I realised I was charged on 14th! I brought it to Abdul's attention and now suddenly he tells me that they bill 3 days before the billing date. Hello??!! What is the purpose of a billing date if you bill 3 days before and without making it known to me earlier? This is really bad service. Yes they are responsive but they don't even attempt to understand their customers' needs. I don't care when the billing date is, I just want my credit card to be charged on 16th and a simple thing like this they cannot get it right.