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    * cobaltrack .com Nightmare

    I hate to bash people , BUT

    Beware of thease people cobaltrack . com ! I opened an account with them 2 months ago on a dedicated raq and the have all but put me out of buisness.

    They claim you can burst with any plan but for some reason my
    mrtg graphs toped at a constant 3K yes three. I did every concievable test etc downloads, uploads, and the best I can figgure is they were hosting me on a dial up account or so it would apear. Maybe I should of sent them the extra $100. when they started spamming me for memory upgrades ?

    I know that sounds silly but just by moving to them I went from 110 gigs a month to 18gigs transfered.
    I moved just three of my sites to a new provider and everything is returning to normal. I have constant steady peaks over 1mg, as it should be with everyone on dsl or cable thease days.

    I have submitted TT's for ptr records and they just close the ticket with no response or reverse pointers.

    I have sent 3 canceletion request now with no replies so I guess I will be charging back the next charge(s) if they make any.

    I searched thier site for some kind of cancelation form since they wont reply and notice that they state its a 6 month contract on any dedicated server and "All Payments To Cobalt Racks Are Non-Refundable" and
    "CBR is not responsible for any damages your business may suffer" plus
    " CBR denies any warranty or merchantability for a specific purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by CBR"

    I just now noticed that it also states cancelations must be mailed or faxed, funny I called them and they told me it had to be done on line !

    Thease people are CROOKS ! Stay away. Unless of course you want to go out of buisness.

    Your milage may varry....

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    I was with them for about 2 years on one of their RaQ 3 system. It was pretty alright during that time. Responses were not immediate but they do get answered. And of course, they helped me a lot since it was the first Linux server I have and the first dedicated at that. They did give me several breaks such as free RAM upgrades and low cost one-time harddisk upgrades when I was with them. It was definitely a neat deal at that time.

    But of course, speed wasn't that impressive but doable. I did hear about others at that point of them having problems too. I guess I was lucky.

    Cancellation was pretty swift and painless. I just faxed over my cancellation notice with the proper letter head and everything with done. We partly ways with a smile.e e

    It is true that with the RAM upgrades, things were a lot faster. At the moment, I believe the default was 512mb RAM which is much better than what I had. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Well isnt that special eddie2099.....

    Kinda makes me wonder who writes your paycheck. And why you want to stick up for them.

    I have faxed the form, called, and emailed three times and still have no response from them.

    Nice of you to point out that "I was with them ....." But then you go on to say "at the moment..."

    Seems all to clear you have some personal stake in this lousy company, I am still there and dont know what thier "deal of the moment is"

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    No, I do not have any stake in Cobaltrack. When I say 'at the moment' I was referring to the deal they have now '512mb + 60gb harddisk). When I was with them, the upgrade gave me '256mb + 8gb harddisk).

    Of course, now I am no longer hosting with them. Left them as of late last year. Basically, I do not know what happens since the time I left.

    As for the deal of the moment, surely it is public knowledge. I mean, all you have to do is to go to their website and get to the Dedicated Hosting Plan or something, it is there. I mean it is not like it is some top secret information or what. You provided the server name, I just went to their web site to browse. It is that simple. I guess if you do the same thing, you will get the same conclusion and so would anyone else (with or without them).

    Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to say that what you said is untrue. In fact, after I signed on with them and coming here, I found tons of negative comments about them. My friend signed on with them and quit within a month of hosting because it did not give him justice.

    My reasons for leaving was simple. I thought I needed NT hosting so I spend a couple of months back in the virtual hosting market. Then I found that it actually cost more doing virtual hosting like I did and also I found that Rackshack finally accepted orders from my country, so I jumped on the bandwagon when I found the first lot of RaQ 4i made available. Since then, I did not look back. No reason too.

    I sure hope that you have better luck with them. I seriously do. I guess their support has gone from acceptable to bad now.

    As for the paycheck, well, I signed my own and my business has nothing to do with web hosting. I am just a client of Rackshack. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    * cobaltrack nightmare update

    So after numerous emails, a faxed cancelation and more telephone calls, I finally got someone on the phone the 19th.

    I was told "its canceled stop bothering us" , I mentioned that they might have informed me of this fact and I wouldnt have called again.

    I think well at least its over right , Not exactly I wake today to find that my domains no longer resolve because out of spite or whatever, they chose to shut me off instantly, when I had actually paid in front untill the 25th.

    I was lucky enought to find someone at the office on saturday and explained my situation. First she wanted to stick with "well you asked that it be canceled and it was period" Rightly so some may say so I pressed her as to when I would recieve my refund for the days of service they had not provided. Of course I was told it would not be forthcomming.

    I mentioned that I would have to charge it back as I had not recieved the service I had paid for, and at this point She seemed to become irritated with me for some reason.

    Anyway it seemed to get her attention as I assured her that any help provided on monday would surley be too late. She then placed me on hold and called someone (?) and came back and told me it would be resolved by 4:45 pm.

    Not sure exactly what that means. I doubt I will see a refund nor does it matter much, the only domains I still had there were to be transfered today anyway, I just went to bed a bit early last night is all.

    All I can say is for sure is stay away.

    My soap box is officialy retired on the subject

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