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    Pls review that site

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    Good , design ..
    But I dont understand a **** of what you have written there..

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    This site looks all black. The header was hidden under the black background. Looks something weird.

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    this design is not exactly appropriate for a designer's site. Designer's sites need to have a lot of design, and black should be used more sparingly.

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    i agree w/ the previous posts, also, you can make your menu light up like that without image rollovers(which take way too long to load) by using javascript. Just a thought for load time.

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    Designer Tip #24: Do NOT use frames for navigation.

    Read here: and

    You may need to optimize the .jpg images on your navigation. You can clearly see some slight discoloration and pixel mapping errors.

    I would also suggest adding "anti-aliasing" to the V-Tech Design logo.


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