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    Question Reseller plan

    Can some one tell me a place to get a good reseller plan.

    At the moment i checked. , , and

    I like and

    Please reply if any one from is there or any one who use this.

    Guys please help me out if you know a good place to get a reseler plan,

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    Hi there
    Do a little search on the board (top right of the screen) type in reseller..

    Basically the people i would suggest are;

    Now, im not a customer of either - however - i have heard nothing but praise from clients of theirs.

    Both owens seem down to earth and honest, I don't think you could go wrong with either.

    Do have a search though.. you will find the people to go with and who not to go with.

    Best of luck

    Craig Robinson - UKDedicated LTD
    Cloud Servers Dedicated Servers and Colocation at Centro, Hemel Hempstead.
    All supported by our own onsite team.

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    Another important host to add to the list of definites:
    Richard - [email protected]
    Wayhawke Ltd.-High Quality webH

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    Dont forget:

    ThePrimeHost LLC - Serving Websites Since 2001.
    Fully Managed VPS Hosting w/ Cpanel + WHM
    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers w/ Cpanel + WHM
    Reseller Hosting with End User Support

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