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    joktar Guest
    I'm looking for 'custom' server configuration to rent,
    something like following:
    1 Intel Core2 Quad(Q9550 at least, may be 2 physical CPUs)
    8-10 Gb main memory
    'small' disk(100-250 Gb),no raid needed,just plain old SATA
    GeForce 9600+ as graphic card(or ATI(or should I call them AMD now - equivalent) with 1 Gb of video ram(video card is critical)
    Window Server 2008 Web edition as OS(on SPLA of course)
    Location:Europe would be better, but USA will suffice
    traffic - not too much needed in this areatoo much-500 Gb-1000 Gb per month will more than enough
    remote reboot capability will be good to have
    Can anyone recommend provider for such thing?
    Or may be someone reading this forum can offer such server?

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    inprogrammer2008 Guest
    What is the budget for this server ? What hard disk you need?

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    Are you considering shared hosting or dedicated hosting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joktar View Post
    (video card is critical)
    Not sure I understand how a video card can be critical. Windows servers have remote desktops which do not rely on the local video card.
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