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    Question Complaints Forum! is a good idea?


    Headsurfer has posted a poll about complaints here in suggestions and feedback forum. I have a suggestion.

    Currently about 20% of posts in some forums are related to complaints of companies (billings, support, technical etc)

    If we can direct all of them to a single forum other forums will become cleaner and more useful.

    What is your idea?


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    then it will be really hard to sort out the different types of complaints - billing company complaints, reseller company complaints, dedicated provider complaints, general hosting complaints, etc...

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    Well, personally I think it makes more sense to have forums devoted to topics than to complaints/praises/recommendations, etc. Be quite a mix... - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    My first reaction was that of akash (before I read his). Because of Chickens' reason (before I read his). Then I read theirs. Now I'm sad.

    What does that leave for me to do?

    Oh. I know. I'll vote.

    Whoo hoo. The first vote.

    No; by the way. (like I need to tell you. cuz if you're reading this soon, there's only one vote)
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