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    Will work for $$$$

    I'm looking to offer my services as a remote linux system administrator (or technical support).

    I've been using Linux at home (and at work) for around 5 years , and during that time have managed to gain quite the working knowledge of Linux and networking issues. Nobody knows everything, but the object of the game is to learn as much as you can on a daily basis.

    Support Qualifications
    -- Highly skilled php/html programmer.
    -- Highly skilled linux user.
    -- Highly skilled Networking Tech
    -- Highly skilled Internet user

    Tech Qualifications
    -- Linux system administration skills
    -- Highly experienced Linux user
    -- Familliar with apache, php, MySQL, CPanel (WHM and client side)
    -- Familliar with MTA's (usually the first step for me is to strip sendmail from my own personal machine and install qmail, but i'm reasonably familliar with sendmail as well).
    -- Familliar with system security and logging procedures (my own logs for both servers are sent to me every 15 minutes, or the new entries via email).
    -- Familliar with various packages and system utilities both installed and not installed system wise.
    -- Familliar (reasonably so) with C programming. I have been modifying various C programs for 5+ years (beginning with bbs/talker code, to mud code, to misc small things).
    -- HIGHLY familliar with problem resolution.

    I am available when the need arises. Should a set schedule be required, then one can be arranged. I am online most of the day (dedicated cable modem access), and even when I'm not awake, I'm here, meaning that I'm always around. Individuals wishing a month to month contract will also receive a way to contact me in the unlikely event that I am not available and at home.

    -- per incident : $10-$25 (depending upon the task, a quote will be given before starting the job).
    -- per month: $75

    Please note
    Nobody's perfect (not even me). While i will give everything to make sure that the job is completed, i will NOT compromise your own system security and that of your customers. This has been a personal policy of mine for quite some time. To this note, I will NOT modify your system kernel (this should never be done on a server you don't have hands-on access to, and even THEN only if you know what you're doing).

    In the unlikely event that the project can not be completed successfully (it's happened once, maybe twice in the past for me), no monies will be charged if this is a per incident contract.

    Also, to this note, I am a strict professional, and expect those I work with (and for) to be. I won't "hack" into someone's server (even if you forgot your own root password), because I have ethics, and it's rather highly against the law here in the U.S.
    I treat each and every case and incident uniquely, and always will.

    That said, if you're interested, please, feel free to contact me via the methods below and we will work out an arrangement.
    WHMCS Guru - WHMCS addons, management, support and more.
    WHMCS Notifications Extended - Add slack, hipchat, SMS, pushover to WHMCS !!
    Linux Problems? WHMCS Issues? +1-866-546-8914 (linux-14) or @whmcsguru on twitter!

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    I will work for money too

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