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    Trouble getting .nl domains to recognize nameservers


    We're having trouble getting .nl domains to recognize any nameservers on our machines, even if those nameservers are valid everywhere else and serve several hundred domains.

    The response I get from the .nl chief registrar is:

    Look here:

    Personally I'm confused as hell. Can anyone advise me?

    Thanks in advance.


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    could do a bit more investigation if we knew the name of the name servers and the domain you are trying to configure, but looking at the URL you gave it would appear to me that you will not suceed unless the zone file already exists on the name servers and that zone transfers are enabled ( at least to the NL primary name server host).



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    There is one level of domains (want to say .nz but may be wrong) that require the DNS entry to be on the DNS server, before the nameservers can be switched. For this reason, our customers have to order hosting for the domain, before they can switch it over to our servers. You might try setting up the DNS entry on your DNS servers and see if that alleviates the problem

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    Hi I had a same problem.

    Chek your dns here.

    Met vriendelijke groet,


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