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    simple minimal design


    this is a very simple, minimal site.
    it's fairly new and we want to keep it pretty low-key.

    we target small (60-200) person companies, mainly in the software business. we don't sell the kind of services where we need 'sell-pages' or 'click here' type content. we engage larger jobs ($20,000+) from clients who prefer to call/email and have a lengthy sales cycle.

    so, we are trying to make a clean, honest impression rather than clutter the page. that said, we are still working on it so I thought i'd take the plunge and see what everyone thinks

    any comments appreciated!
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    Well I think it is really to plain old, plain old, basic, nothing to it.

    And I don't think that would attract clients willing to pay $20,000 + for design services.

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    probably not

    no i dont think it would.

    then again, we avoid design clients completely. we sell process/methodology services to business based on the Rational Software suites.
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    Your site has nothing more than contents and a beautiful logo. No doubt it is fast to load. The contact form for offline message looks good.

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    Nothing great.

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    Minimalist designs are usually not supposed to feature anything too 'great'.

    I would recommend a different text for the links. Arial/Sans-Serif/Verdana sounds good.

    I can't seem to find a portfolio of your works. That's a must have.

    I would also recommend to have the links of a different color. It may be hard for some to differentiate what is a link against what is text (even with the underline).


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    thanks for that feedback..

    we usually don't showcase our work since we're a consulting group and are usually under confidentiality agreement. we are working on some press releases which will allow us to reference clients.
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    Sounds bigger than reality.
    I don't know what kind of software company would use somebody to develop a site for them when the company's own site is just simple raw HTML with little style or points of interest. Most development firms could find one of their programmers to do a site like that in a mtter of minutes. Or perhaps I am missing something here...
    Either way, cool logo, fast load speed, I guess hardcore geek programmers hate sites that are too fancy. I just don't think that the site really looks like a firm who does such large jobs- especially ones that cost half of my yearly income from 2001 as a professional application developer/ UI designer. oh well- if you are really making that much, I am good at what I do and I would be willing to work for your company.

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    If you read the site you'll see that websites aren't our primary offering. We outsource all the webstuff to our offshore partners and that represents about 5% of our revenue.

    In fact, we barely do web at all unless there is a massive backend (I mean really massive) to be built.

    We are software/process/Rational consultants, and we charge by the hour on enterprise level software efforts, plus we offer offshore outsourcing to our clients.
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