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    We want a Turnkey Reselling Plan

    We have served the International business for 5+ yrs with a variety of business solutions, and one of those services we have not offered is hosting.. yet, we have many clients seeking usa based hosting solutions.

    Our need is too provide a turnkey hosting solution, in which we can simply turn the client over to the host provider & we would earn a certain $ for each referral or the traditional referral commission as it is today in this industry?

    We are seeking a hosting reseller solution.

    We will be adding our own private dedicated server this week for our sites.. and will give away & offer low priced space for our forum members, however.. in regards to our business clients who need mega space and hosting, we would like to be affiliated with a top notch host provider.. and we would not wish to be involved with the admin / set up.. etc..
    hence: we seek a turnkey host reseller solution.

    Who offers this?

    What are your commission kick backs?



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    You may get a couple offers from web hosts here if you move this to the web hosting requests forum.

    Or, you could do a search for 'affiliate program' on these forums and you would probably find quite a few that would be good to use!

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    okay thanks mpope
    i thought i settled this in the correct forum category.

    but evidently i have not..



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    It is ok to post this here, but hosts are not allowed to reply saying "we have a great one.. check it out". The only replies you can get here are people saying "we used so and so and they were great". If you posted in the requests forum, you would get people offering you their affiliate programs, so you'd probably get a lot more replies.

    If I knew of some good affiliate programs, I would recommend you to them, but unfortunately I do not!

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