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    Logo and corporate image request (pay with paypal)

    We are looking for offers to design the logo and the corporate image of a new hosting company called is an automatation Private Label hosted Solution for resellers

    Those of you interested in the job, please post some logos proposals and the price requested for the whole coporate image kit:
    - Logo
    - Business Card
    - MS Word Template
    - MS Power Point template.
    - Web Template.

    and the delivering time

    The winner will do the whole corporate image kit of

    We'll pay by paypal.


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    Do you mind posting a quote on the logo design?

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    We want to see logo proposals and also the quotation for the whole corporate image kit.

    We'll choose one of the logo received and we'll pay to the winner the price they asked for the whole job.


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    since i joined here,this happened to me 3-4 time, everytime ppl ask for a demo,or an idea,then they....fewww,fly away.
    anyway,i think,no pro designer is gonna accept this ,its like saying,i want to try ur server b4 i use t,its not that im saying its a "ripoff",but its very &
    im asking for respect,lke we go to hosting companies and signup just by reading thier info,they should choose one of us depending on our portoflio.
    i do that much ppl will run after such prop. that u gave,but not me,or anyone who respect his job.
    just my .02 $

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    Here is an example i just made the text will change If your interessted.

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    sorry here it is
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    You can show us your portfolio or quote for your services.

    We wan't to abuse for the job of the people, we respect a lot your work.

    But we prefer to have proposals and after this, start working with the profesional who show us the best logo. I think that is the way that a lot of art design companies works.

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    Thank ultratorture

    The logo will include the brand:

    Your proposal look like a banner not a logo.


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    You are requesting a multitude of creative works..

    Generally a logo design is all that's requested..

    As you can create your own biz cards from your custom logo..

    You've not disclosed the amt. your willing to pay for quality service..
    So, this in essense / most times..
    will cause a legit grapics talent to run from your offer..

    I'de suggest you seek out talent through recognizing the work they have done.. and strike a deal with a creative provider which you are content with their current and past work..

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    I agree with you, but the only we request now it's the logo, and when we decide the art line, we will work and pay for the multiple creative jobs.

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    Hey Jes,

    Just thought you might want to see this link:

    Maybe pm them and see if they are interested... The business card design shown here is absolutely AMAZING!


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    Check my portfolio...
    (also look at the logos link inside)

    I dont have business cards portolio onilne
    I'm a 10 years graphic designer & 5 years web designer, just if you're interesed...
    Contact me by email to talk pricing ... I do not charge too much

    CAS Networks SL | Businesss Solutions Provider
    ->, IT Related B2B since 1997.
    -> Premium Dedicated Servers & Private Reseller Accounts
    -> Web Design, Corporate Image Design, Graphic Design

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