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    Nexpoint Technologies Question

    I have read good things about them and would like to take it one step further before signing up with them.

    If anyone uses them could you please either post your address or PM me your address so that I can assess their speed. I run a YaBB board and speed is important to my users and me.

    Also, if anyone has another host that they are pleased with hosting a YaBB or similar board, please let me know. I would be happy to check it out if you do not mind.

    To the Moderators here, if I have in any way violated a policy here, please let me know. I have been burned twice by hosts and want to avoid a 3rd time.


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    Bad experience with them, Stay away.

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    Thumbs down Bad experience with Nexpoint

    Avoid this Nexpoint company by all means...

    I was interested in their $99 win2000 special more than a year ago and signed up. But I was disappointed by their sluggish SQL server performance, so I cancelled within 30 days of signup. I got my $99 money back but they kept $25 for SQL setup service fee. That's ok, since it was in agreement.

    For about a year or so, my site has been hosted in Dixiesystem and I have been very happy with dixie and will be.

    About a month ago, I got a surprising email from Nexpoint that my credit card has been declined. What???? I cancelled this hosting one year ago and got my $99 refund and they try to charge again? Nexpoint said they can not find my cancellation record at all.. That's not my fault!!
    I explained all these (Why do I have to this?) to Nexpoint in detail, they don't seem to listen.

    Today, they tried to charge my credit card 4 times and my card is temporarily blocked for possible fraud. Geez..

    Maybe I should report this matter to FBI for fraud credit charge.
    Any suggestions, folks?


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    Your account was never cancelled with our service properly. Whether this occured from not contacting our billing department correctly, or whether it was a billing mistake I do not have enough information to find this out.

    I have removed your account from our system which will prevent this problem in the future. We apologize for any inconvience this may cause.

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