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    Thumbs up Win2K Remote Admin

    We own a full rack in a datacenter nearby and I'm used to administering my remote servers through a dual-firewall installation with a secure tunnel between them. But now I'm deploying a light duty Web server in another city and don't have the luxury of employing such a configuration. Therefore, I've been searching for a remote administration solution.

    I considered RADMIN and VNC, as well as the possibility of using GotoMyPC as solution. Finally I've decided: I'm most comfortable with the features and security of PC Anywhere by Symantec. While VNC is free (and free is ALWAYS nice) I was able to find an online retailer that is selling PC Anywhere 10.5 host and remote for $9.99 with free shipping. That made the decision easy.

    Any thoughts on my decision?
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    I've tried them all, many many times, and always come back to PC Anywhere. Decent features, decent performance and decent pricing. PCA for $9.99 is cheap, make sure you grab a couple.

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    3,414 used it for years, has NT security and tunneling, one PC can act as a host for another.

    It has clipboard pasting and fetching, file sends, works smoother and faster than WinVNC

    Remote admin I think fits on a floppy also.
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    why not just use terminal services built into Windows 2000?

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    When I administrated our Win2k Server I just used Windows 2000 Terminal Services. You can also make a VPN between u'r own pc and te server and make de terminal session trough the VPN. Works great.

    I shouldn't use VNC, but if you want to use a tool instead of TS I'll go for RAdmin.

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    You can also make a VPN between u'r own pc and te server and make de terminal session trough the VPN
    Not really necessary as the TS session is already encryted
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