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    * Active System Attack Alerts


    If on a Linux 7.3, CPanel Dedicated server portsentry sense attackalert and blocks a host, is it considered safe? what other measures should be taken?

    what its showing is:
    Sep 17 05:16:15 mercury portsentry[2533]: attackalert: TCP SYN/Normal scan
    from host: to TCP port: 513
    Sep 17 05:16:15 mercury portsentry[2533]: attackalert: Host:
    is already blocked Ignoring

    (2) Can anyone tell why this error is coming?
    Security Violations
    Sep 17 06:15:50 mercury named[26231]: client updating
    zone '': update failed: 'RRset exists (value dependent)'
    prerequisite not satisfied (NXRRSET)
    Sep 17 06:15:53 mercury named[26231]: client update
    '' denied


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    Don't worry all is well!

    This is a common occurrence and it is just PortSentry doing itís job. Some script kiddie is bored.

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