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    I got a server from but I changed my mind cause I've found another provider. But I couldn't get it back to them because there is not refund policy. So, I decided to sell it.

    ------------Pentium 4 1.6
    512 MB
    400 GIG Transfer
    Intel P4 1.6 Processor
    60 GIG - 7,200 RPM HD
    Includes 16 IP Addresses
    (Arin Guidelines)
    Plesk 5.0 Unlimted

    $ 160.00 (one time, then you continue paying with them)

    if you are interested contact me on:
    [email protected]

    P.S. I haven't touched the server. Its brand new, I havn't even logged in. You can verify that with webreseller if you want

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    What are the monthly fees ?
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    who's is better than webreseller????
    NAME IT.

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    Please do tell us the monthly rate for the server!

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    The P4's at Webreseller go at $169.95 a month if I'm not mistaken. They charge overages at $2 per GIG and the bandwidth is Yipes. Setup fee for these servers is $24.95 at the moment, but they run out of them very fast.

    (I nearly ordered one last week, that's how I know )

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    Not to be a critic, but it might be worthwhile to note that the person that started this thread is not happy for some reason with the server and is therefore going elsewhere. It might be of interest to know why he wants to get rid of the server...


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    Re: server for sale

    Originally posted by Essam
    P.S. I haven't touched the server. Its brand new, I havn't even logged in. You can verify that with webreseller if you want
    Doesn't seem he had enough time to test webreseller's network/support
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    He said that he "found another provider" and that is why he decided not to go with webreseller.

    I am merely stating that there is a reason he is using another provider and NOT webreseller. He apparently found either a better network, lower price, etc.

    Just a thought.


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    Re: server for sale

    just currious why somone would'nt goto and buy it for way cheaper setup

    Pentium 4 1.6 GHz (Ensim, Plesk or RedHat) | 24.95 Setup / 169.95 Per Month

    24 setup

    anyhow best of luck selling it back.

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    I'm not seeing this $24/setup...I'm really not...

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    Ugh, nevermind.

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    Originally posted by Radon3k
    Ugh, nevermind.
    lol you found it i'm assuming? was right on the front page

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    Yeah hardee harr harr...I looked at their dedicated page. Oh well, still not going to get one even with no setup fees.

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